Monday, 4 August 2014

Discover Yourself

   Believe yourself and make a difference.

The biggest strength OR The biggest obstacle is a belief.

They all were just someone until they believed. They were simple humans as we are. They had a dream like we all do. They dared to chase it. Why don't we? Have a dream?Dare to chase it. Take a chance. TRY, there's just one life.

But,Who all are they?

They are who got,

Defeated 8 times in elections.

    "Abraham Lincoln"

Became the greatest president ever.

A man who denied the teaching post.

"Albert Einstein"

Made the syllabus to be taught.

A man who led an army of peasants.

"Mao Zedong"

Built a nation, a strong nation.

7th child of a poor African American couple

"Michael Jackson"

Became  a superstar of millennium.

A boy from slum.


Became a King of football.

A ball boy born in 1987 WC.

"Sachin Tendulkar"

Became the God of Cricket.

A black kid in white dominance.

"Muhammad Ali"

Became the champions of champions.

A woman who worked in cafes.

Wrote Harry Potter.

A man who drove Ambulance for Red Cross.

Created Mickey Mouse.

A man who can not move.

is ready to fly.

A common man.

Became a father of a nation.

A programmer,

Became the richest man.

A tribal boy,

 Became a national hero.

A soldier,

Became an Emperor.

A slave,

 Became Legend .

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